Who we Are

DCMS is an investment boutique with a portfolio management license issued by the Securities Authority pursuant to the Regulation of Investment Advising, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 5755-1995 (hereinafter: "the Advising Law"). The Company specializes in providing global financial services to wealthy clients.

DCMS has signed an agreement under which it would enjoy research and risk management services provided by a leading investment firm. Under the agreement, the best analysts around the globe would be at DCMS’ disposal for making decisions based upon reliable, quality information from all over the world.

Information in the global market is infinite. Investment management is a challenging task. DCMS’ professional team has vast experience in global markets
and invests time in retaining and increasing the capital of the company's clients. High standard service, professionalism and specialty are the values that guide us in each and every decision.


Collaborations with Financial Centers Around the Globe


  • Central location enabling access to financial institutions, analysts and fund managers

  • Stable regulatory environment

  • Collaborations with leading research organizations that provide access to varied specialty areas



  • The Company considers Singapore a global financial center and a portal to investments in the whole of East Asia and it therefore collaborates with investment organizations and local banks that provide our clients with a stable working environment and financial stability

  • Working in close collaboration with local selected investment managers who assist us to select and analyze investments that suit our clients' profile


Guiding Principles in Building a Personally Tailored Investment Portfolio

Investment strategy

  • ​Building a portfolio that suits our client's needs and goals (E.g.: risk level, investment goal, liquidity level and investment range)

Long-term financial planning

  • The construction of the investment strategy and portfolio is based upon a long-term analysis of the client's assets, investment goals and future financial need

Short-term financial goals

  • Adjusting clients' portfolios in order to meet their short-term needs and the changing macro environment